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Application Programs
by John Anthony

Many programs come with (bundled) the Windows Operating System.

The following applications represent a tiny fraction of the programs that are used by millions of people everyday. This list of available application software is immense. Software of every flavor and type is available to do almost anything you need or want to do.

Applications found in Start > Programs:

  • Windows Explorer - Allows you to see and access all the folders and files on your HDD, FDD, CDD and Local Area Network.

  • Internet Explorer - This is a browser program that enables your PC receive web pages from servers located anywhere on the Internet.

  • MS-DOS Prompt - Allows you to open a DOS session under Windows.

Applications found in Start > Programs > Accessories:

  • Notepad - Simple word processor with limited features used to create and modify text (.txt) files.

  • Wordpad - Word processor with more features than Notebook. It can handle large document (.doc) files.

  • Paint - Allows you to create, modify and save image files in bitmap (.bmp), JPEG (.jpg) GIF (.gif) formats.

  • Imaging - Another image file program that works with bitmap (.bmp), and TIFF (.tif) filetypes.

  • CD Player - Simple CD player.

  • Sound recorder - If you have a microphone plugged into your sound card you can record sounds and play them back with option of adding effects like echo. You can also play them backwards as well.

  • Volume Controller - Five sliders control overall volume) Play Control as well as from CD, Wave, Midi and Line sources. Each sound source has a left/right fader to control how the sound is panned (distributed) between the left and right speakers.

  • Windows Media Player - Plays video (.mpg) and audio (.wav) files.

  • Disk Defragmenter - Program used to defragment you hard drive. Click here to find out more about how to do this.

  • Calculator - Simple calculator with half a dozen functions.

Other Application Programs

In addition to bundled applications, there are thousands of third party application programs you can use. Some are tailored toward work and others are purely for fun. Each program specifies the minimum required free hard drive capacity, processor speed, video resolution and amount of installed memory in order for it to operate properly.

Microsoft Office

This is a group of programs that offer a complement of applications that suffice for most office type work. MS Office has become a de facto standard for creating and sharing documents for a large percentage of both business and personal PC users. It includes:

  • WORD is a powerful word processor that contains templates that allow you to quickly create numerous document types such as letters, faxes and resumes. Tables for chart type data can quickly be set up.

    It supports a wide variety of fonts, font sizes, text foreground and background colors.

    You can format it so that envelopes and labels can be printed.

  • EXCEL is a spread sheet program for creating and manipulating numerical data.

    It contains functions that allow powerful calculations for general, accounting and engineering type problems.

    Charts and graphs can be generated to better show relationships between variables.

  • POWERPOINT enables you to create powerful slide show presentations.

    Color, animation and a number of effects can be used to enhance your slide show.

  • ACCESS is a database program that can be used to keep track of large amounts of related data that can be output in any manner you need.


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